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Hey guys!

Extra credit time!

Watch this movie: RAISING CAIN (you’ll need your PCC login, and then you’ll need to click on “films on demand” on the screen)

The whole thing is 120 minutes but its pretty interesting all throughout. We watched a few clips in class already. It’s about how we are raising young boys in our society and what happens to them when we raise them the way we do.

After you watch it, write me a full page about what you learned, what you thought, interesting points, and anything that comes to mind. There’s really not guidance on what to write…. as long as you take some time to reflect on it – you’re good!

This will be due the friday of finals week and worth 10 points.


if you missed points on your exam on the essay questions – you can re write them and submit them to me for make-up points!


There will be an extra essay question on the exam for 5 extra points extra credit. EXTRA!!




Hey Team,

Welcome to HE 213 Men’s Health.

Check out the files page for your syllabus and other things. I’ll walk you through it all first day.